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Eastern Sierra Avalanche Advisory - 3/1/17

Bottom Line:

Wind slabs will remain the primary avalanche concern for Wednesday. Though unlikely, it will not be out of the question for a backcountry traveler to trigger these recently deposited slabs on isolated terrain features at mid and upper elevations today. Loose wet avalanches will also become a problem around rocks and on steep slopes at lower and middle elevations. Natural avalanches will be unlikely, human triggered avalanches will be possible. Watch for unstable snow on isolated features such as around rock outcrops and on the leeward side of ridges.

For Thursday, as temperatures rise at all elevations, so will the concern for loose wet avalanches. Heightened avalanche conditions will exist near specific terrain features such as rock outcrops and cliff bands, and on steep slopes where solar radiation is the most intense. There will most likely be small point releases in specific areas and maybe large avalanches in isolated areas. Evaluate snow and terrain carefully.

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