Avalanche Advisory Block

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Avalanche Advisory - Tue, Jan. 17, 2017

Bottom Line:

Tuesday:  Human triggered avalanches will be unlikely in most areas, but possible especially at high elevations over 11,000’ on NW-W-S-SE slopes just below ridgelines and in extreme terrain due to high elevation NE winds that have been transporting snow. 

Wednesday:  Human triggered wind slab avalanches will become increasingly likely on exposed slopes and in and around terrain features that promote drifting and cross-loading due to moderate to high SW winds.  These will most likely be found on slopes facing NW-N-E-SE over 9,000’ with likelihood increasing with elevation.    

Be on the lookout for blowing snow and signs of recent dense wind-deposited snow. Avoid steep slopes that are being wind-loaded, and do your own stability assessments on areas where dense wind-deposited surface snow is found. 

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