Mammoth Basin Avalanche Information

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Mammoth Basin Avalanche Advisory

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 6:29am

Primary avalanche problem for Sunday will focus on Loose Wet avalanches, primarily on NW-W-SW-S-SE-E aspects as the surface snow thaws. Overnight lows were above freezing in most locations. Temperatures are forecasted to climb into the 40’s and mid 50’s below 10,000’ and into the mid 30’s to low 40’s above 10,000’ during the day. With the poor overnight freeze and warm temps, anticipate the surface snow thawing quickly. Natural avalanches possible, triggered releases likely on steep slopes as the snow surface warms and thaws. Watch for signs of unstable snow such as large roller balls, deep ski penetration, and small point releases. Pay special attention near rock bands, outcroppings, and near exposed vegetation. - Loose Wet slides are dense and heavy, which can make it difficult to extract yourself if entrained and are capable of carrying a rider into hazardous terrain or result in possible burial if combined with terrain traps. 

Caution - Firm snow conditions in the AM can produce slide-for-life conditions. A minor slide into hazardous terrain can have serious consequences. 


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