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Location Date Photos Snowpit or crown profile photo or graph Snowpit videos (tests, etc) Drainage Name Observer Type
Chicken Wing Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 5:54pm June Lake cnelson Forecaster
June Lake snow conditions Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 9:25pm File 2018-3-15 e hemlock small wind slab trigger June Lake Public (not verified)
Jaws - Small Natural Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 2:01pm Mammoth Lakes joshf Forecaster
Snowpit Postpile Rd. Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 7:01pm Mammoth Lakes Public (not verified)
Punta Bardini - new snow Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 7:28pm Mammoth Lakes joshf Forecaster
Dream Peak, Northeast - New Snow Stability Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 12:33am Dream Peak Slide, Tree Damage, Dream Peak Slide, More Tree Damage June Lake Doug Lewis Forecaster
Punta Bardini Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 10:23pm Mammoth Lakes Public (not verified)
Sherwins - new snow, winds, weak layer Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 8:10pm Mammoth Lakes joshf Forecaster
Snow Obs in Old Man's Bowl Monday, March 12, 2018 - 6:42pm Convict Creek Public (not verified)
Found Deep Persistent Layer @ 125cm Down Monday, March 12, 2018 - 9:44pm June Lake Public (not verified)


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