Avalanche Advisory: Thursday - Apr 18, 2019

Avalanche Advisory published on April 18, 2019 @ 3:18 am
Issued by Josh Feinberg - Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center

*Advisories will continue to be issued 4 days a week through April 21st. After the 21st, we will be issuing weekly snowpack summaries on Thursdays until May 9th. Danger ratings will no longer be formally issued as conditions can change over multiple day periods. *

* This Avalanche Advisory is in effect for Thursday and Friday April 18 & 19*

Above average temperatures, light winds and sunny skies will lead to possible loose wet avalanches as slopes warm through the day on Thursday and Friday.  Plan your days accordingly to avoid being on or under steep slopes that warm excessively. 

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Avalanche Problem 1: Loose Wet
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High temperatures reaching the low 50s near 10,000’ on Thursday and Friday, little wind to cool slopes, and sunny skies will lead to warming of specific aspects through the day: East facing in the morning, south mid-day, and west in the afternoon.  Fully sunny skies on Thursday will hasten this slope warming, and increasing cloud cover along with a slight increase in SW breeze should slow it down slightly for Friday.  Clear skies on Wednesday night and Thursday night, despite relatively warm temperatures, should still allow for a fairly solid refreeze of slopes overnight.  In confined terrain such as couloirs and slopes that end in terrain traps these slides could be especially concerning and could lead to a burial.  Avoid being on slopes that become unsupportive.

advisory discussion

Springtime conditions often mean early starts in order to ski or ride down slopes when they soften just right but not too much.  This often means climbing slopes when they are still quite firm, requiring the use of crampons and an ice ax or whippet.  Don’t be afraid to turn around early or change your plans if conditions soften more significantly than expected.    

weather summary

Springtime will continue in full-effect for the next couple of days.  Thursday should be a very warm cloudless day with light winds and high temperatures reaching the low 50s around 10,000’.    Light winds and clear skies will continue thru Thursday night with lows near freezing around 10,000’.  Friday will be much like Thursday, with the exception of some cloud development through the day and slightly increased SW winds as a weak low-pressure system approaches the areas.  A chance of snow showers exists for Saturday, with little accumulation expected before a return to high-pressure Sunday and next week.   

Two-Day Mountain Weather Forecast Produced in partnership with the Reno NWS
For 8,000 ft. to 10,000 ft.
Thursday Thursday Night Friday
Weather: Sunny. Clear. Partly cloudy.
Temperatures: 52 to 60. deg. F. 32 to 38. deg. F. 53 to 63. deg. F.
Mid Slope Winds: Light winds. Light winds. SW wind 5-10mph.
Expected snowfall: 0 in. 0 in. 0 in.
Over 10,000 ft.
Thursday Thursday Night Friday
Weather: Sunny. Clear. Partly cloudy.
Temperatures: 26 to 31. deg. F. 44 to 50. deg. F. 27 to 32. deg. F.
Ridge Top Winds: Light winds. Light winds. Southwest wind 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 25 mph.
Expected snowfall: 0 in. 0 in. 0 in.
This Avalanche Advisory is designed to generally describe avalanche conditions where local variations always occur. This product only applies to backcountry areas located outside established ski area boundaries. The information in this Avalanche Advisory is provided by the Eastern Sierra Avalanche Center, who is solely responsible for its content.

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