Big Pine Creek-Mt Alice

Mt Alice
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Monday, April 3, 2017 - 12:15pm
Mt Alice SE gully 37° 7' 12.5256" N, 118° 28' 2.1" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Went in search of corn skiing in the south fork of Big Pine Creek. Road open to summer day use parking (end of the road) in the south fork. Skiied up and down SE facing gully that seperates Mt Alice and Slide Mountain. ~15 walk from parking lot to snow line.

08:10- Parking at 7800 ft. Moderate west wind. Air temperature 6C. Snow surface temp -2C.  Snow firm in shadows, beginning to melt in sun. Crossed old avi debris E flanks of Mt Alice but none that looked recent.  Some D1 point releases noted on W aspects of Kidd Mountain, approximately 9000 ft elevation. Appear to be from yesterday.
10:00- 9975 feet. Ski penetration on E/SE aspect 1 to 2 cm. Air temperature 4C. Snow surface temp -1C. West wind light with moderate gusts. Ski crampons very helpful on these slopes.
10:50- 11,000 feet.  NE aspect. 0 cm ski pen. Boot pen 3 cm. Light breeze. Air temperature -.5C. SE and S aspects moist and much softer with 3cm ski penetration.
12:15- 11350 ft. Light to moderate wind. No snow transport. Air temperate 2.5 C. Snow surface 0C. Began skiing at 1215. Good corn skiing on S/SE aspects, supportable during the entire ski. NE aspect firm and wind affected.

Weather Observations
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