Bishop Area- SF Bishop Creek -Habeggers -breakable crust, wind effect

Habegger Glades
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Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 12:00pm
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Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, or collapsing
37° 14' 7.0944" N, 118° 32' 22.1892" W
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After getting a bit beat up in the wind yesterday, took a mellower tour to Habegger glades up the SF bishop creek to check on wind effects and if there was any soft snow left in more sheltered north facing terrain.

It was warm out (39degF @ noon @ 10850elev) and very calm, such a dramatic change from the day before. Solar aspect are getting pretty crusty with sun crusts, but by early afternoon the heat and sun softened them up quite a bit. I’d say 85% of all surfaces even in more sheltered areas had bad breakable crust unfortunately. Had one minor collapse in some trees where it was practically flat. While probing along the up track, north facing aspects around 10000ft had around 90-110cm of snow with a consolidated 60-80cm of new snow on 20-30cm of old snow. Not much change, we’ve got that upside down structure going on, we didn’t travel in steep or complex terrain, but even in steeper slope angles could not get any reaction on ski cuts or jumping up and down on panels that looked potentially suspect.

I didn’t see any recent avalanche activity on the east side of table mountain or visible parts of the crest above north lake.

There was a report of a large avalanche on the headwall of the east Gully on Mt. Tom today. It was hard to tell if it happened today or yesterday. It was reported to have run almost 2000vertical feet.  Will try to get another look at it tomorrow.

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