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Table Mountain, Bardini Canyon
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Friday, February 12, 2021 - 12:00pm
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37° 13' 59.5956" N, 118° 34' 51.9168" W
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I toured up Bardini Canyon on the nose of Table Mtn starting at noon today. It was quite tranquil and felt warm on the ascent. There was little to no breeze until I hit the top at 10500ft. At the high point there was a 15-20mph SW breeze. New snow measured from 25-30cm deep from the road up and was wind loaded a bit deeper on NE Aspects ~35-40cm. NW aspects already had a slight bit of wind effect on the surface, but nothing of significance. The new snow was bonded quite well to the old surfaces and I could not get any slab or cracking to initiate on steeper wind loaded NE aspects. Kick turns tests negative, short ski cuts did not produce results.  It provided quite pleasant turns. For the most part the new snow was a Fist hardness and the slightly more wind effected snow adjacent to Ridgeline on NE aspects was bordering on 4F hardness.

I observed a few loose snow slides that looked to have slid mid storm from steep cliffy terrain in the Humpreys, Mt Locke area, and one very small pt release off cliffs in the Bardini canyon zone on Table. I did not see any natural slab avalanche activity anywhere. There was some flagging of new snow along the crest which increased as the adfternoon passed, by 330pm it was moving fairly well in the Lamarck Col and Humphreys area

It was 28degF at 100pm @ 10500ft. SW breeze @ 15-20mph.

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