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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 9:30am
Bishop Bowl 37° 14' 23.1036" N, 118° 37' 6.4632" W
Snowpit Observations
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Went into Bishop Creek this morning.  Observed many small, point release avalanches on drive to Aspendell.  Lower elevation (~8000 ft), east facing slopes on Mount Tom had released below rocks.  Higher elevation, (~11,500ft) south and southwest facing slope near Mt Humphreys also had multiple point releases.  Most appearing to be 1-2 days old.

7:30 AM Aspendell parking lot, 8400ft, air temp -5° C, no wind, clear skies. Point releases seen on southeast and south aspects (see photo), probably from yesterday.
South east facing slopes at 9000 feet, firm and variable.  Ranging from breakable melt/freeze crust to knife hard crust 3 to 5 cm thick.

8:15, Sheltered Northeast slope at top of moraine, 9500 feet, 30 cm of new snow on melt freeze layer. Hand pit unreactive.
9:15 Quick snow pit at 10,100ft on north facing slope 35° incline. Air temp -1°C, no wind.  Total snow depth 260 cm. Hand pit unreactive with strong force.

Top 75 cm of pit were as follows (listed top to bottom);

25 cm four finger snow

5 cm one finger snow

2cm knife hard rain crust

10 cm one finger snow

5 cm one finger below that

9:45: Ridgeline at 10,500 ft shows evidence of recent high winds from the north.
Good skiing on NE slopes to about 9600ft.  Variable below that depending on aspect.  Solar aspects beginning to "corn up" by 10.  Ski cut on steeper east slope released small (20ftx30ft) wet slide.

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