Bishop Creek

W facing slopes above S. Lake Road
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Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 12:45pm
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Rapid warming
W facing slope above S. Lake Road 37° 12' 18.6048" N, 118° 33' 29.7072" W
Snowpit Observations
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Began tour at road closure (8400 ft). No cracking or whumping during entire tour.

9:10- Start of tour. Tair=5C. Clear skies, no wind. Small rollerballs noted on nearly all aspects, generally starting below exposed rock bands. Surface snow at parking lot beginning to melt already. From here, skinned ~1.5 miles up S. Lake road.  Due to late start, we want to check out conditions on west facing slopes (see location marked on map).  Wet slide (1-2 days old) noted on east facing slope above road, ~200 ft wide and 250 ft in length.

10:30- ~9500 ft in west chute.  Snow only melting slightly at this point. Conditions variable in chute. Boot penetration ranging from 0cm to knee deep.  Some areas had a thin veneer of ice on snow surface.  Other areas, 3cm melt freeze crust over 20cm unconsolidated snow.

We boot packed up this chute to 10,900 ft but choose to look for better ski conditions.

12:20 We skiied a NW facing gully. Top 1000 ft extremely variable, wind affected and generally firm.  Lower down, more west facing aspects beginning to melt.  Decent, spring skiing conditions on these slopes.


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