Bishop Creek-Brown Lake area

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017 - 12:45pm
North facing slopes above Brown Lake 37° 9' 37.8504" N, 118° 32' 30.2244" W
Snowpit Observations
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Headed up toward South Lake in the Bishop Creek drainage to assess new snow fall, stability, timing of melt and find some turns. No cracking, whumping or rollerballs noted during tour or descent. Calm wind and full sun throughout tour.

8:30. Parked at 9400 ft on S. Lake Rd. (Road is open to within 1/2 mile of S. Lake) 2 cm of recent snow here, melted from yesterday and well bonded to layer below. Light freeze last night. Ski penetration 0 to 2 cm in trees near road.

9:00 10,000 ft on NW facing slope above Parchers Resort.  More firmly frozen from last night.  O cm ski pen.  No melting noted.  Skinned this section but ski crampons would have helped.

9:30 Begin to melt slighty in sun exposed areas. Numerous point releases seen on NE and NW facing slopes above Brown Lake (see photo1), starting elevation ~11,300 ft.

9:50 10,900, N facing slope. 15cm new snow on wet layer, no failures from hand pits or kick turns.  Ski pen 1cm or less. Only light melt.

10:30 11,900 ft, 0.5cm graupel on top of new snow layer. Light melting. Snow becoming firm in wind exposed areas.

11:15 12,675 ft. Light melt. Tair = 4C. Noted a small, slab release near Hurd Peak (see photo2). This occurred on a E facing slope, ~11,000 ft.

Good turns top to bottom.  Snow from Brown Lake to the road was melting considerably and a bit wet by 11:45.

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