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Ski Mountaineer's Peak
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Monday, April 12, 2021 - 4:30am
37° 8' 50.3772" N, 118° 36' 33.5412" W
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Toured out of South Lake and to the top of Ski Mountaineer's Peak today.  The road is still closed at Parcher's resort but able to skin from South Lake without too much problem. We had clear skies, calm winds and warm air temps.  Last night's freeze seemed harder than previous nights, with more on Bishop Creek than we have noticed in the last few days. We saw no recent avalanche acitivity during this tour. 

We found conditions varied alot by aspect.  Generally, above 11,000ft, NE aspects melted very little before noon today and consisted of 1-2 inch tall, mini penitentes. Due N aspects are still wintery and either icy wind board or small patches of soft facets. E and S aspects were melting in the sun and also consisted of 1-2 inch tall,  mini penitentes. 

Below is a summary of the timing of the melting we observed today: 

    @ 8:30. SE aspect.  Begininng to melt at 10,300 feet. 

    @ 9:00. NE aspect. Very slight melt noted. 10,900 feet. 

    @ 10:00 NE aspect. Just beginning to melt. 11,700 feet.

    @ 11:30. E-SE aspect.  Melting and ready to ski. 13,200 feet.

 The final section of the traditoinal exit to South Lake (below 10,200ft) is starting to become patchy.  I would estimate that it will not be entierly skiable in the next 7-10 days.  Coverage above 10,500 ft seems much better.  However some popular ski descents simply do not have enough snow to be skiable this winter.  For example, the N couloir on Gilbert does not connect.  The 2 main couloirs on Mt Thompson have very narrow sections as well. 

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