Bishop Creek - Heavy wind effects on Table mtn

Bardini cyn
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Sunday, February 14, 2021 - 11:30am
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37° 13' 59.5848" N, 118° 34' 47.3592" W
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We decided to tour back up to Bardini Canyon on Table Mountain to compare conditions after yesterday’s winds and previous snow (~30cm)  from early Friday morning. Being a fairly open exposed area, it was no surprise to find pretty awful wind affected conditions, my favorite… breakable crust, firm wind board and surfaces stripped bare were standard today. There was some pretty robust wind slab built up adjacent to ridgeline on NE aspects and was very firm (pencil hardness) and in the areas I dug it was composed of anywhere from two 15cm layers  to a single 5-10cm surface layer sitting on top of softer 4F-1F snow. These slabs only extended a few meters down slope and were not reactive to ski cutting. Very minor cracking on kick turn tests. A majority of the lower angle north facing slopes above 9500ft had a non-supportable breakable wind board that was neither fun nor interesting to ski through.  Sheltered trees had pockets of softer surface snow. Around 100cm of snow where wind loaded on northerlies, much thinner all around everywhere else (30-40cm) intermixed with rock reefs and vergetation.

Pretty cloudy during mid day with temperatures hovering just below freezing at 10500ft. Significant flagging of snow up on the crest of the range in the morning, but by the time we descended at noon, it looked to have abated a bit. Heavier cloud bank came over the range by 1pm and then dissipated again late afternoon. Winds were light to moderate out of the NW at noon.

Flat light today, and could not see any natural avalanche activity in the areas, but again visibility was a bit tough. Lower elevations below 9000ft had some 10cm windblown snow within the shrubs that made for a bit softer turns and perfect for disguising rocks.


It was 31degF at 1130am @ 10500ft. NW breeze @ 15-20mph.

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