Bishop Creek snow conditions

near Mt Johnson
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Thursday, April 8, 2021 - 5:30am
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Rapid warming
near Mt Johnson 37° 8' 4.5096" N, 118° 35' 19.3128" W
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We toured above South Lake today to check on warming trends above tree line.  Currently the road is open to Parcher's Resort, and the road is dry to South Lake. During this tour we observed some recent loose, wet slides on a south aspect below a rocky headwall.  No avalanche activity noted on other aspects. 

This morning's light to moderate winds helped slow the melt today.  Above treeline, south aspects were beginning to melt by 11. North aspects were still wintery and even had faceted, recycled powder in some sheltered areas above 11,500ft. 

Overall coverage was better than we had expected.  Some areas have rocks to negotiate and the run down from Treasure Lakes is more narrow than usual. But for now there is enough snow to get back to South Lake without a problem.

We chose to ski a SE aspect on an unnamed peak N of Mt Johnson.  We found mostly supportable conditions when we started kicking steps up the final pitch. Boot pen=5-10cm. Air temp at 12,500ft at 1130 was -1C. Light winds and clear skies. 

Surface conditions on this aspect were good, spring corn when we descended at noon.  Farther down, N aspects remained wintery or transitional to about 10,500ft.  Below that, they were melting.  Below 10,000ft, some areas are becoming isothermal and rotten.

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Looking S from our high point.  Mt Johnson on the right.
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