Casual observations above Independence

Onion Valley approach
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Sunday, December 29, 2019 - 6:30pm
Red Flags: 
Recent avalanche activity
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Onion Valley approach 36° 46' 24.4056" N, 118° 20' 18.9096" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Toured from 7100' to just above 9500'.  Sky conditions ranged from broken to overcast with incoming storms from the west.  Temps down low were above freezing and dropped to below freezing towards the top of the tour.  Wind went from still to sustained 15ish knots as the storm moved in.  Precip was nil to light.  Snow conditions were adventure sage skinning to more filled in above 9K'.  Only short ski was conservative due to fear of barely covered hazards.  Hand pit dug at 9500' on north facing 25-30 degree slope revealed about 20cm of new snow on a 1cm crust.  Approx 50-90cm of snow below the crust down to ground.  Overall snow depth varied greatly.  Evidence of one D1/R2 natural in a steep, north facing couliour.  Cross loading and some wind slab observed. Nothing of concern to the area I was on - which was mostly the road:-)  Great afternoon outing.

Weather Observations
Blowing Snow: 
Cloud Cover: 
75% of the sky covered by clouds
Air temperature: 
Above Freezing
Wind Speed: 
Air temperature trend: 
Accumulation rate: 
Less than 1 in. per hour
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