Convict area - Persistent weak layer abounds

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 2:00pm
37° 33' 28.8612" N, 118° 50' 18.9456" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

-Toured out of Convict lake, searching for the deeply buried persistent weak layers, and found them.  Went up bushy moraine up mellow trees to lookers left of Hippy Chutes, back down and up Old Mans Bowl and down and out.

-Mostly sunny day with increasing couds in the late afternoon, near freezing air temps, no wind.

-Targeted trees to left of HIppy Chutes as a place that is sheltered, and dug pit on WNW facing slope about 10,000', see attached profile.  Very pronounced facets to ground under recent snow from last week.  Numerous ECT tests failed consitently and propagated energetically in facet layer 65cm down.  See attached video.  Probing with pole throughout treed area indicated that this deep weak layer was widespread.  Just below and to the west of this pit site the slope was striped with wide cracks that were filled in by the wind ... natural slope failure sometime after main snow event.  Snow did not warm up here all day, was soft and provided for great low angle tree skiing.  

-In Old Man's Bowl North side (SE facing) was quite stripped by SW winds during the storm and snowpack was thin.  The opposite side has some considerable wind drifts.  Dug a pit in one spot that had some wind load, but not too deep, and found significant facet layer 75cm down above a wind crust, and just below the wind crust thick facet layer to ground.  ECT test propagated cleanly with hard force in both layers of facets above and below crust, CT test failed with hard force in layer just under crust.  See attached profile.  Evidence of natural slides coming down from north facing slopes during storm.  

-Looked down steep rocky west facing slope form top of Old Man's bowl and saw fair amount of loose wet point releases from earlier in the day.  All very small.  See attached photo.

-No shooting cracks or whoomphing today. 

*Moraine above lake is still thin and bushy ... adequate to skin up, but dicey on way down with more than a few kick turns.  

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