Deadman Pass Via San Joaquin Ridge

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Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 10:30am
37° 41' 4.92" N, 119° 3' 55.44" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Toured along San Joaquin Ridge to Deadman Pass to see both solar and northerly aspects. Very warm, and warm early in the day. Good corn skiing by 10am on SE slopes. 3 sets of weather observations to track the early warming: Site 1 on an E aspect at 9200' near Minaret Vista at 845am- Tair = 8 deg C, Tsurf = -3 deg C, T-20 = -1 deg C, Boot pen = 5cm, Ski pen = 0cm, Sky = few clouds, Wind =  calm. Site 2 on a SE aspect at 9600' about halfway along the ridge to the pass at 915am- Tair = 8 deg C, Tsurf = 0 deg C, T-20 = -2.5 deg C, Boot pen = 20cm, Ski pen = 1cm, Sky = few clouds, Wind = calm. Site 3 on a SW aspect at 10,240' at the top of the knob just S of the pass at 950am- Tair = 6, Tsurf = 0, T-20 = -5, Boot pen = 10cm, Ski pen = 2cm, Sky = few clouds, Wind = light from the E.

Dug a test profile at ~9500' near treeline on a N facing slope near the bottom of the Office (Deadman Pass bowl) to look at the facet layers. Nothing too exciting, a few sudden planar results but no propagation. Temperature gradient is becoming less extreme. Many of the faceted grains are rounding. See attached profile. Northerly aspects were cold, faceted snow at the surface in most places. There were a few shallow and small wind slabs and crusts from the past few days that cracked around my skis, but no propagation, no sliding.

There were a few new, small rollerballs from SE facing rock bands and trees after I finished in my snowpit (see photo).

Snowpit or crown profile photo or graph: 
Snowpack photos: 
Southeast (left) versus Southwest (right) slopes
Small rollerballs Southeast aspect
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