Head's Up Wet Conditions On the Sherwins

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Friday, April 6, 2018 - 2:30pm
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37° 36' 38.52" N, 118° 59' 35.52" W
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Toured up behind Mammoth Rock to the top of the Hose this afernoon after the rain had had the chance to do its work. Head's up wet conditions on the Sherwins! Glide cracks are opening up in many places, meaning that the snowpack is saturated to the ground and creeping it's way down the hill (see glide crack photos). Recent cornice falls have triggered D2.5 and D1.5 wet slabs in upper Mammoth Rock Bowl and the Hose respectively (see avalanche observation). Testing the top of the Poop Chute behind Mammoth Rock had very touchy loose wet results that were small but gouged down about 2' into the snowpack and entrained a lot of snow quickly, running about 200 vertical feet (see video).

On the way up ski penetration was ankle deep, boot pen=40cm (see boot pen photo).

On the way down almost every turn on slopes steeper than 30 degrees had either small but touchy loose wet sluffs running far down the hill, or very large (5' diameter) rollers that gouged about 3' down into the snowpack.

Rain all the way to the top. Winds were consitently moderate from the SW on the way up but were strong with extreme gusts at the top. One gust blew me over and I wasn't sure I could get up.

Skiing was heavy, poor, knee wrenching snow. This was honestly towing the line of what I felt safe doing today.

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