Hemlock Ridge - Behind June Mtn

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Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 2:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 44' 20.4252" N, 119° 6' 3.6864" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured off the back of June up the treed north facing slopes of Hemlock Ridge to ~10,500'.  

-One sizeable natural release seen in the negatives from the top of June, check out Avalanche Observation for details.  

~10" of new snow above 9500' in sheltered locations.

-Winds still visibly transporting snow over ridgetop of the negatives at noon.  The recent natural avalanche in the negatives and the visible wind transport was enough to decide to stay in more sheltered terrain.  Winds decreased substantially in the afternoon.  Top of Hemlock ridge was fairly calm with light gusts at 3pm.  Still some visible transport over higher peaks such as Mt. Wood at 4pm.  Overall afternoon winds appeared to be much less strong around June than upon returning to Mammoth around 5pm, where moderate winds were blowing in town, and wind had snow in suspension around many sourounding peaks such as bloody and laurel at treeline and above.  

-Dug a pit mid-way up Hemlock ridge in relatively shletered location to test deeper facet layer and get an overall sense of snowpack.  See attached profile.  ECT tests did not propogate, CT tests failed in subtle density differences in storm snow.  

-No signs of instability going up or down Hemlock, or off the back of June, save for near the very top in an exposed steeper ENE facing area at 10,400' just below the rocky summit of Hemlock Ridge: Patches of windslab that were deposited by the pre-storm winds, with Fist+ hard storm/wind deposited snow ontop, that failed easily and cleanly with hand-pit tests.  See attached video.  The thick underlying windslab was extremely variable, and was significantly thinner even a few feet away.  No shooting cracks, no woomphing.  

-Quite good skiing, but fair amount of obstacles to be aware of lurking not too far under the surface.  Made it out with only a few minor scratches.     

-Slopes below 8800' were virtually bare before last night, downloading J1 is still mandatory (unless you want to hike down in boots).

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