Horsecreek - Matterhorn Area - Snow pits, stable conditions

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Sunday, March 18, 2018 - 2:45pm
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38° 5' 37.7556" N, 119° 22' 42.4956" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Toured up from Twin Lakes (7100'), up Horse Creek Drainage to Matterhorn Basin, Ski Dreams, and back.   

-Cold day, but no wind (totally calm all day long even at ridgetops at 12,000').  Skies started blue, high thin clouds developed by noon, by 4pm skies were overcast.  

-No conerning signs of instability today.  A few VERY small wet point releases on SE facing slopes between 10-11,000'.  Handpits throughout showed some areas of slightly denser wind deposited snow, but overall shears were moderate to hard, and mostly rough.  

-7100': ~6-10" total snow depth.  

-12pm, 9600', SE facing 35deg slope: Air temp=-6 C, top 2-3cm of surface snow slightly moist, below that cold and dry.  Thin high clouds covering half of sky.

-E facing slope, 9700': Total snow depth 300cm.  90 cm down melt freeze crust.  230cm down, probed a less dense layer ~40cm thick.

-NE facing slope, 10,000': Total snow depth 430cm.  Right-side-up snowpack.  Unconcerning CT test results.  Mosst noteable Q3 shear 65cm down with hard force (CT25 Q3).  

-2:30pm, 11,000', NNW facing slope, 32deg slope:  Air temp=-7.5 C, surf temp=-12 C, 10cm temp=-14.5 C, 20cm temp=-13.5 C, 30cm temp=-12.5 C, 40cm temp=-12.5 C.  400cm total snow depth.  0-45cm=Fist (CT3 Q3 10cm down), 45-110cm=1 finger, 110-155cm=Pencil.  No concerning CT test results.   

-LOTS of evidence of avalanche activity occuring during last storm, ranging from small (1ft), to quite large (~8ft crown up near 12,000' on NE facing slope just below ridgeline.) 

*Coverage was plenty good to ski lower slopes down to lake. Snow quality was very good throughout tour.  


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