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Monday, March 13, 2017 - 11:00am
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37° 43' 32.1096" N, 119° 5' 54.8772" W
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Route- Left June Mtn Ski Area from the top of J7 around 0900. Followed the ridge SW to the Hourglass approach. Up to the top of the Negatives. Back down to Yost Mdw and into the resort.

0930, NW aspect at 9700', on the ridge just outside of the June boundary- Tair = 12deg C already, Tsurf = -3.5deg C, Foot pen = 3cm, surface snow still frozen and hard, Sky = clear, Wind = light, SSE.

1015, E aspect at 10400', on the Hourglass approach- Tair = 7deg C, Tsurf = 0deg C, Foot pen = 10cm, surface snow moist and softening on E and S aspects, Sky = clear, Wind = light, SSW.

1100, S aspect on top of the Negatives at 11200'- Tair = 6deg C, Tsurf = -2deg C, Foot pen = 0, surface snow kept cool and hard by the wind, Sky = clear, Wind = light, S.

There were very isolated areas on N aspects around 10200' where there was some minor wind transport of cold dry snow. Mostly rolling, no saltation, nothing suspended in the air. Firm wind board above 9800' on N and NW aspects, still dry snow. Melt-freeze crust below that elevation softened by about 1000am on most aspects except N and NW. No signs of wet snow instabilities today. Most recent rollers I saw must have been from at least yesterday. However, I was down and back in the resort by noon.

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