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Outside June mountain boundary
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Friday, March 19, 2021 - 2:15pm
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37° 44' 37.0356" N, 119° 5' 4.3944" W
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I was feeling a bit low energy today, and the winds were nuking and visibility was pretty low in the Negatives area, so I just nipped at the edges off June Mountain ski area to get a feeling for conditions. Below 8500ft the snowpack was isothermal and I could easily punch my pole all the way to the ground. Ski pen was 10-15cm and Boot Pen was mid shin deep. Preciptation was in the form of light misty rain and scattered graupel down low to light snow flurries up jogher at the  10000ft level. Snow accumulations steadily increased with elevation with 2.5 to 6" in the higher elevations, and where wind-loaded, a bit deeper. Wind loaded snow was mildly reactive with light cracking and slumping of soft wind stiffened snow. I didnt get into any extreme or really steep terrain though. Temperatures were warm, hovering around freezing and SW winds were honking pretty consistently at tree line today. The negatives were obscured most of the afternoon, but when I got a visual, I did not see any natural avalanche activity in the forms of slabs or sluffing that occured.

Minor rollerballing was taking place on all surfaces at all aspects from 10K down today. It was a warm steamer out there, but still provided good turns up high. The warm temps and damp snow was bonding well. More westerly surfaces that had a previous sun or temperature crust were becoming softer and less breakable  with the new snow pasted on the surface.

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