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Two Teats
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Friday, April 2, 2021 - 12:00pm
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37° 42' 53.8092" N, 119° 5' 59.694" W
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I toured out from the June ski area boundary up to San Joaquin Mountain and over to Two Teats peak today to descend the east face off Two Teats into the upper Deadman area. Snow surfaces were already soft and getting damp at 930am in the trees and on the east facing slope below the constriction of the standard hourglass up route. SW winds were a consistent 20-30mph above 10K which kept things cool and ridge top surfaces fairly firm as I ascended up to San Joaquin Mountain during the morning hours. Although there was not freezing temperatures at the June Mountain weather station last night, the snow still had undergone a robust re-freeze and was supportable throughout the day on all but South aspects when I left around 130pm. It was 38degF above 11K at mid-day and cool with the consistent breeze, but as soon as I descended onto the east side and out of the wind, it was warm with consistent smooth corn surfaces. Ski pen at 12pm was 3-5cm. I didn’t observe any wet loose activity today, either in the form of roller balls, pt releases etc.  I decided to avoid being exposed to any potential rock fall today by not travelling in steeper hemmed-in terrain. The melt-freeze cycle is in full swing now and the condtions are just going to continue to improve and get better if the current weather continues. Access will progressively get more difficult rapidly though unfortunately with the thin overall snowpack.  Avalanche issues aside, March & April again this season like the last are proving to offer some of the best riding conditions of the winter.

Despite the challenges of another droughty winter, I still enjoyed travelling and working in the spectacular Eastern Sierra for another winter.  Thanks to all the observations and support everyone has given to ESAC over the course of the season.

38degF @ 1200pm @ 11200ft, 30mph consistent SW wind

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