June Lake > Mammoth > Convict Lake > McGee Creek > Rock Creek

June Lake > Mammoth > Convict Lake > McGee Creek > Rock Creek
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d lewis
Saturday, April 7, 2018 - 2:45pm
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Recent avalanche activity
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Avalanche road tour from Rock Creek north to Mt. Wood. Road survey revealed extensive avalanching throughout the region on SE-E-NE-N-NW aspects but especially on N to NE aspects in the mid to upper elevations (~9000’ and above) where avalanches were most frequent. Debris fields were mostly D2 - 3's with a 3.5 being the largest.

Wind Slabs were difficult to assess with crowns partially filled but appear to be mostly confined to ~ 10000’ and above.

A few likely Wet Slabs noted, which appear to have been triggered by Loose Wet activity from rocky slopes and/or steep terrain. Most of the slides stopped in the upper third of the runout.

Numerous Loose Wet releases mostly noted from ~9000’ and above on N-NE-E aspects D1-2 with some eroding deep into the snowpack.

  • San Juan Ridge – 2 probable D2’s NE in The Office, 2 possible D2’s in Deadman’s. Angles were quite oblique and hard to make out the details.
  • White Wing - 2 possible D-1 to 1.5. NE aspect, ~10000’. Debris was very rounded, possibly occurred the day previous (Friday).
  • Dream Pk – 1 D2, NE aspect, ~10500’
  • Carson Pk - >10, D1-2 Loose Wet, from 8000’ to 10800’, N-NE aspects. Extensive Rollerballing in the trees adjacent, N-NE aspects, 7500’ to 8500’.
  • Unnamed peak north of Consolation Point & Carson Peak - D2 & D3, probable Wet Slab, NE aspect, likely triggered from Loose Wet activity. Start ~10000’, stopped at~7700’, upper 1/3 of the runout. 5 D2 on north shoulder.
  • Mt. Wood Southeast shoulder – D1.5, NE aspect, ~8500’ start. Stopped at the top of the runout.
  • Mt Wood, NW shoulder, Z Couloir – D3.5, NE aspect, Start ~11000’, D1.5, NE, ~10000’.
  • Laurel Mtn., west shoulder – 3 D2, N aspect, ~11300’.
  • Mini- Morrison, Old Man’s Bowl – Wet Slab, D2, ~200’ X 5’.  >5 Loose Wet, D1-1.5.
  • Mt. Laurel, SE – D2, stopped in the upper 1/3 of the runout.
  • Convict Lake moraine mostly bare or discontinuous patches of snow.
  • McGee Creek Peak, North Face – 1 Loose Wet (D2), 1 probable Wet Slab (D3).
  • Trailhead (~7800’) bare, except were avalanche debris tongues reach the valley floor.
  • Rock Creek (8800’) trailhead – road bare, gate closed, road clearing operations expected soon.
  • Sherwins – noted D3 in the main chute, which was previously reported. Moted 2 cornice failures resulting in D1, D1.5.
  • Mammoth Lakes Basin – 2 D1.5, NE aspect, elevation ~10,800’. 1 Cornice Fall, D2. All NE aspects, elevation ~10700’.



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50% of the sky covered by clouds
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Above Freezing
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More detailed information about the weather: 

Heavy rain and overcast conditions in the AM. Quick clearing post frontal passage, with scattered showers over the higher elvations in the PM.

June Lake > Mammoth > Convict Lake > McGee Creek > Rock Creek 37° 43' 52.0212" N, 119° 9' 32.0724" W
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