June LK area- ghost trees 2+" new snow, North winds

Hemlock ridge
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Tuesday, March 23, 2021 - 11:30am
37° 44' 42.7668" N, 119° 6' 10.5336" W
Snowpit Observations
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It was raw, windy and cold today with consistent snowfall mostly in the form of graupel throughout the morning and afternoon. New snowfall averaged from 2-4” and was quite light, therefore being easily loaded to southerly and westerly aspects by the north winds in the zone I travelled today.  Most of the alpine was quite obscured with little visibility, so I stayed below tree line in the Ghost trees and 4 Seasons area. North to Northeast winds were blowing 25-40mph at the 9600ft to 10K level which was my highpoint today.  There was visible snow being transported across the peaks and spindrift flowing down from the higher crags into couloir features.  The most loaded terrain I found was south and Northwest aspects that had upwards of 8” of new snow in cross- loaded ribbons and deposits right adjacent to rock faces. The cold temps, smooth supportable base and thick layer of graupel made for top notch skiing today. On exposed North facing aspects the wind was firming up the surface and I was able to easily pull off the top 15cm of 1F hardness wind affected snow from residing F-4F soft snow below. Kick turn tests and ski cuts really did not show much reactivity at all. I imagine today up high in catchment zones that there was some decent buildup of wind deposited snow in the June area-primarily on South-West aspects. Snow quality was quite good all the way down to 8000ft with 2-4” of new on a well set up settled base, below 8000ft new snow totals were around an inch and most surfaces had a firm, yet smooth surface that was supportable and edge able, not too much of that breakable crust that we endured so much in February.  In this primarily sheltered northerly terrain today, there was just a slight amount of loose-dry slough on steep 40deg terrain and I was able to break free a few small coffee table panels of wind-loaded snow on cross loaded NW aspects in chute like features. Did not observe any natural activity while I was out until 230pm today.

18degF @ 1130am @ 9000ft, 30-40mph NE winds, completely overcast


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