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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 - 1:00pm
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Toured from June to White Wing today. I've skied a lot of breakable crust in the past 2 years but this morning's ski off the backside of June was maybe the worst I've encountered. Unpredictably breakable crust and nearly unskiable, at least for me. White Wing had some very nice snow and also some heavier snow.

From the top of White Wing we observed two recent avalanches on SE slopes low in the cirques that come off San Joaquin Ridge, possibly wet loose from yesterday. Both slides were fairly wide and, while we couldn't gauge their depth, certainly would have been challenging to avoid if caught underneath. Both appeared to originate under rock bands. (See avalanche obs for pics.)

At around 3pm, the skin back up the south side of June was softer than our morning ski and the top 3-6" of snow was wet and sitting on top of a pencil firm ice crust in many locations. Maybe the intermittent cool wind today helped keep this slope from becoming sloppy.

At the June saddle just below the ridge on a SE slope there appeared to be an approx 12" wind deposit that was sitting on top of softer snow (older wind deposit?). In a hand pit this layer came off with moderate force and was cohesive. I was a bit surprised to find such a sensitive slab in this location. I would imagine if it was on steeper terrain and sitting on the ice lens rather than other soft snow it may have come off even easier.

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