Kearsarge pass- Independence creek snow conditions

Independence creek
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 12:00pm
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Steve Mace
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Headed down to Independence today for a mellow tour up towards Kearsarge Pass.  Our original goal was to ski the Northeast couloir on Independence peak, but with half a dozen people ahead of us we opted to change plans and avoid the overhead hazard. Ascending towards the pass was pretty straight forward and easy travel. The sun had warmed surface snow enough by mid-morning that ski crampons were not needed.  For the most part surface conditions were comprised of transitional pseudo corn snow however above 10000’ or so we encountered patches of fresh snow that were in the process of being cooked down.  It appeared that the minimal amounts of fresh snow that had fallen here had been blown around and gathered in depressions, gullies and other catchment zones.  Descending from about 10500’ at around noon, surface conditions were quite pleasant. The previously mentioned patches of new snow were a bit sticky.  Conditions were supportable all the way to the car, with boot pen <15cm throughout the tour today.  We observed a few small loose wet slides on the north side of Independence peak but these appeared to be a few days old. No signs of instability were observed today.   

In other news, Onion valley rd is clear to about 7600’ however there is quite a bit of rock fall on the rd.

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Skies were clear and the Temperature was warm all day.  A light breeze was present for much of the day but in general, the day was quite enjoyable. 

11:10-8960' 46°F, clear, calm, BP=cm, MF

12:10- 10000' 41°F, clear, Light breeze, BP= 2cm, hot pow/MF crust

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