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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 11:30am
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Route- Up from Tamarack ski trails, across Lake Mary and through the trees to the top of Mammoth Crest above TJ Bowl, down TJ Bowl and back down to Lake Mary.

Snow below 9500' already moist and sticky at 0930. Multiple hand shears in wind slabs above 9500' failing non-planar with moderate force. Kick tests on cornices and rolls between 9800' and 10200' had no results. No cracking today in wind deposits. Winds calm to light from the NW.

1045 below the final climb up the Crest, NE aspect at 10450'- CTE RP down 35cm x2 on some small facets between layers of wind slab. Kick turn tests on the way up to the top had no results. Booting the last few hundred feet required some hard kicking in places. Kicked off a 5' by 2' chunk of cornice onto the chute at the top: no results.

1130- Tair at the top of the Crest= 2.5deg C.

Snow on the descent was a mix of P hard wind board, 4F wind buff, and 1F breakable above 9600'. Below 9600' many roller balls on bot E and W aspects from below rocks and trees. Snow just above TJ Lake down to the trailhead was in transition: boot top ski penetration, very moist and sticky snow. Kick test on a small cornice at 8900' yielded moderate to large roller balls. (see photo)

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Roller balls from kick test
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25% of the sky covered by clouds
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Above Freezing
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