Mixed bag on Bradley

Bradley East Face
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Friday, March 24, 2017 - 12:30pm
36° 43' 33.15" N, 118° 20' 14.946" W
Snowpit Observations
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Skied east face of Bradley today - interesting mixed bag. Below 10K snow was melt/freeze and despite clouds top 1-2" warmed and was softish. In the main chute - mix of frozen melt/freeze, chalky small stringers of wind slab, and pockets of dense windblown snow. Slabs were small - 10 yards wide, 30 yards long-ish. Hollow and some cracking- about 10-15 cm depth of slab; hand tests were moderate sheer Q2 in top 10 cm - occiasional cracking < 2 feet. Main chute was fine - with only occiasional small, unreactive slabs. I went hikers right to find summit- on 45-50 deg. slope I could trigger the small slabs (from this week's storm) on the old melt/freeze with every jump turn; wouldn't propegate laterally much past my board and would only knock about 5-10 feet out below me. Not an avy concern as much as a riding/hiking concern. About 1:15 from parking to snow (ride/skin area) - follow the moraine ridge between creeks. Some windloading during middle of day, grauple, some rain lower with winds picking up and clouds socking in. Inconsistent snow on way down but still fun. Snow below 10K was a little more dense than last week but would still be a nightmare without skins on. Shepards pass trail on north facing switchbacks is still snow and would be tough

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