Mount Morgan N (Nevahbe Ridge) - ESE Gully

Mount Morgan N (Nevahbe Ridge) - ESE Gully
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Monday, January 30, 2017 - 12:00pm
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37° 30' 35.2584" N, 118° 46' 50.6856" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Route:  From Rock Creek snowpark parking, headed west up and over to Davis Lake, up ESE facing gully to summit of Mt Morgan N. (13,000').  Back the same way.  

-6:20am, 395 near Tom's place: temp = -26deg C.  

-9800ft (Davis Lake), 8:30am - temp=-10deg C.  scattered light high cloud cover.  (1/4 sky covered)

-10,000', 8:45am: +6.5deg C.  (inversion in full effect).

-9:00am, 10,300', ESE, 36deg slope: boot pen=18cm, ski pen=3cm.  Surface crust just starting to get moist.

-9:45am, 10,700', ESE, 26deg slope-(Davis Lake), 2cm melt freeze crust just starting to soften/melt.  Ski pen = 3cm.  Snow under crust is still dry.

-11,800', 10:00am, ever so slightly south of east, 1/2cm melt freeze crust just starting to sfoten ever so slightly.

-11,800', 10:15am,  SE aspect on edge of gully.  ECTN27, 17cm down, see attached pit profile for details.

-Many handpits testing windslab areas throughout tour resulted in very rough failures with hard force. 

-Skied down at noon.  Just enough softening softening/melt on ESE aspect to make turns quite good, but no concern over too much melt in terms of stability.  

-12:30pm: entire sky cover by high light clouds.

-Between 10,500 and 9,500' at 12:15, surface melt on SE aspect getting deeper, but still supportable.  Minor evidence of small rollerballs originating from rock bands at this elevation from yesterday mostly and a little bit today.  

-Between ESE aspects with surface melt/softening up high and aspects with slight northern exposure down low holding conmsolidated powder, great turns top (13,000') to bottom (8,800').  

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