Mt. Morgan North

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Sunday, April 2, 2017 - 5:15pm
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37° 31' 1.0056" N, 118° 46' 48.216" W
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Route- Toured up the Hilton moraine from the East Fork parking area in Rock Creek, traversed down Hilton Creek to under the E face of Mt. Morgan North. Skinned and booted up to the top of Morgan, skied down and traversed the E aspect of Nevahbe Ridge down to our car shuttle on Crowley Lake Drive.

0800 at 9800' on an E aspect at the top of the Hilton moraine- Still frozen melt-freeze crust. Tair = already 5.8 C, Tsurf = -4.5 C, Foot pen = 0cm, Sky = clear, Wind = calm.

0900 at 9400' on an E aspect in Turk Meadow under Mt. Morgan- Softening melt-freeze crust, moist. Tair = 4.5 C, Tsurf = -3.5 C, Foot pen = 1cm, Sky = clear, Wind = calm

1115 at 11000' on an E aspect in the middle of the couloir- Snow in transition. SE sides of rollovers had very moist rounds and NE sides had melting wind deposited snow from Thursday/Friday. All snow moist to very moist. No roller balls, no point releases from today. Tair = 4.5 C, Tsurf = 0 C, Foot pen = 20cm, Sky = clear, Wind = clam.

1245 at 12800' on an ENE aspect at the top- Snow was all transitioning wind blown, moistening. Tair = 0.5 C, Tsurf = -1, Foot pen = 15cm, Sky = clear, Wind = light from the W.

No signs of instability on the way down the couloir. Only small rollers, no point releases. As we traversed out of the canyon under the E facing chutes of Nevahbe Ridge there were many D1-D2 loose wet avalanches from the past 24 hours. One looked to have been skier triggered. All of the slides started in narrow rocky chutes with E aspects and all started between about 10000' and 9200' on slopes of about 35 degrees or steeper. (See photos.)

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