Mt Wood East Face

Main East chute of Mt Wood
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Saturday, April 10, 2021 - 12:00pm
Mt Wood 37° 48' 31.968" N, 119° 9' 44.7372" W
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We toured up Mt Wood today, hoping for some nice corn with it’s beautiful East face. Headline: the corn has been already been harvested with the main chute looking like a resort run. Ski tracks and ruts.

Drove up Parker Bench road, but right after the small stream crossing, we encountered just enough snow to make the road impassible. Another week, and it will probably be clear. Too bad, because the road is clear past 9,300’ – exactly where you can ski down to. Instead, we bushwhacked our way up through the Aspen grove intent on skinning vs. walking.

We transitioned to booting at 11,000 at the base of the main east chute, and the existing staircase boot pack made things quick to the summit. You can see the snow is pretty chewed up in the main east chute (pic). We opted to descent the chute to the south (lookers left of the main chute). This was promising as the snow was mostly smooth, with some firm sastrugi. We descended at 12:45, but was firm. The choke point is pretty thin and narrow, and won’t be skiable much longer.


11,000’ East aspect

9:45am, air Temp: 5C / 41F

Ski Pen <1cm, Boot Pen 1cm

Calm Wind, Clear sky

12,600’, ENE aspect

12:00pm, air temp 3C/37F

Wind: 5mph

Boot Pen: 5cm

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