Natural Avalanche off Mount Locke/Wahoo Gullies

Wahoo Gullies


Submission Info
Carson Reid
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - 11:00am
Red Flags: 
Recent avalanche activity
Whumphing noises, shooting cracks, or collapsing
Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
Obvious avalanche path
Avalanche Type: 
Trigger type: 
Weak Layer: 
Storm Snow
Above Treeline
10 600ft.
Number of similar avalanches: 
Number of partial burials: 
Number of full burials: 
More detailed information about the avalanche: 

We were skinning up towards Kindergarden chute again today, planning on maybe doing it if the snow didn't look sketchy. On the way up past Mount Locke we saw some sluffs coming off the rocks, then within maybe 20 minutes a big avalanche came crashing down one of the chutes (not main Wahoo) and over the cliffs D2.5 or 3? Probably closer to 3. The toe of the debris ran almost all the way to the tree line at the end of the runout area. There was also a debris pile at the bottom of the moraines, which ran off of Mount Locke, at around 10600' or a little higher. Aspects NNE and N

Additionally there were quite a bit of shooting cracks when we rode down and skinned up, but we didn't trigger any avalanches. Obviously we chose to turn around and stick to lower angle terrain with minimal consequences. 

When we came down through the hills below the gullies above the road, probably about 8700' to 8850' we passed a northern slope which had a bunch of rollerballs all over it. I think there was a wet point release at the top of the slope which turned into a bunch of rollerballs that all rolled down the slope. It was stormy and overcast all day.

More detailed information about the weather: 

We also dug a pit, took pictures, and made some observations, so I'll post weather in a weather observations post.

Number of People Caught: 
Wahoo Gullies 37° 33' 41.9652" N, 118° 26' 56.7492" W
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