Negatives and Hemlock Trees - Overnight snowfall, winds and wind slab

June Mtn to Negatives to Hemlock to 4 seasons
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Sunday, March 21, 2021 - 3:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 43' 40.6848" N, 119° 6' 1.296" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured off the top of J7 to head toward the negatives to investigate the crown from yesterday's skier triggered avalanche and assess new snowfall and winds.  First off, was suprised to find 1-2" of fresh very light overnight snowfall at the base area, and 4" at the top of June Mtn, and even more suprised to find 6-8" in the sheltered Hemlock Ghost trees.  (see attached video taken near the saddle behind June and the hourglass).  Moderate NE winds were limited to the ridgetop, and some limited stripping was occuring on the N to E facing slopes just below ridgeline.  Did a handshear in the hourglass and found a clean failure with hard force at the old/new interface 35cm down.  This prompted an ECT and CT test.  ECTN at two different layers within the 35cm of newer deposited snow, and CTQ2 at the same layers, both with moderate force.  On way up to the ridgetop of negatives many tracks were coming down back toward hourglass taking advantage of the fresh light snow and avoiding the more consequential steeper chutes. (see attached photo).  Dug another test pit in the top of the first negatives Chute and had varying ECT test results failing 7" below the surface with moderate force, one test propogated and the other did not. (1 finger wind slab ontop of 4finger+ layer failing ontop of firmer snow). Continued from here to the crown that was triggered yesterday, click here for details.  Also did some stomping above the crown, and got some more chucks to release, but stubornly (see attached video).  Skied bedsurface thru chute and down to yost meadows and over toward hemlock where I saw some fresh loose dry point releases on NW facing terrain - D1 (see attached photo).  Fabulous skiing out from Hemlock 2/3 of the way down 4 seasons to road, when it became more dust on crust, and then soft moist breakable crust.

Snowpack photos: 
Fresh loose-dry slide NW facing terrain
Tracks heading back toward hourglass
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Cloudy skies this morning quickly lifted to a day of full sunshine.  Moderate NE winds at the ridgetop became light in the later afternoon.  Air temps remained chilly: 1pm @ 11,000' = -15°C; 2:45pm @ 10,300' = -11°C.  

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