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North Lake
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Thursday, February 11, 2021 - 12:30pm
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37° 13' 36.7284" N, 118° 36' 35.9028" W
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Headed up to North Lake from Aspendell in Bishop Creek area today. Intense solar this morning with very light westerly winds that steadily increased to a solid 25mph by 1pm. Heavier cloud started to envelop the crest around that time as well. Temperatures were again higher than forecast and I recorded 48degF at 9200ft at 1230pm. Snow surfaces were quite moist (5-10cm)on all surfaces except northerly aspects by mid- day below 9500ft.

We have lost at least half of what snow fell during the late January storm. The moraine to access Bishop Bowl is just about burned out now again and access up Jawbone canyon did not look very good either. I honestly decided to stay on the road today and hopefully save some legs for hopefully some fresh snow tonight. It’s too the point, especially in the Bishop drainage that I did not want to expose myself to injury any more… the days of treacherous travel are adding up now that we are solidly half way through a the season.

Although is was quite warm, clouds were diffusing solar input and I did not observe any recent loose wet activity and snow for the most part was still pretty supportable, even on foot. Sunny aspects as well are practically burned out again down to bare rock. Even if we get a bit of snow in these impending storms, most of it is going to fall on warm ground, rock and thin obstacle ridden snow surfaces.  Unless it really unleashes here, extended spring tours deep in the range may not be a real good option, I hope I’m wrong.

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