North Fork Bishop Creek

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Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 7:45am
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

Skied up Lamarck Creek and down Paiute Pass trail yesterday.

-Very little new snow until about 9500'.

-3-5" new snow from that elevation to 13,000'. Small drifts on specific lee slopes.

-Light winds W to NW throughout the day. Light snow transport at ridgetops, some visible from a distance.

-No recent avalanche activity noted throughout tour. 

-Shallow windslabs 2-4" found in N facing colouir 12,200' to 13,000' that were reactive with moderate force in handpits Q3. No shooting cracks or collapsing while skinning or booting. Probing revealed a rightside up, firm snowpack beneath the new snow/windslabs.

-Excellent shallow powder skiing with no signs of instability on N aspects in that feature and dropping into N Fork Bishop Creek.

-Even on small terrain features S aspects had very sticky wet snow. Very small rollerballs off of skin track/ski tracks on those specific aspects. Below Loch Leven sunny aspects held patches of good melt-freeze snow skiing where wind stripped, and moist/sticky new snow where winds had loaded small ribbons behind subtle terrain features.

-North Lake road still heavily loaded in most places, with one small patch of pavement exposed that sneaks up on you on the way out. HWY 168 is skiable on the shoulder from the turn-off to N Lake down to the winter closure gate in Aspendell. Road is plowed up the center from the gate into the Sabrina basin.

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