Observations from Red Lake Bowl Virginia Creek

Red Lake Bowl
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 5:00pm
Red Lake Bowl 38° 2' 17.2032" N, 119° 16' 15.9132" W
Snowpit Observations
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As expected everything is heavily wind affected. Snow depth is highly variable.Completely stripped on all the S -W aspects and on the ridges. Greatest SH measured was 260 cm on the lee side of a convex NE facing rollover at 10400 ft. My foot pen also varied: 80 cm in open tree glades, E facing at 10400 ft. 35 cm at 10700 ft. in a heavily wind affected open area. Did not hear any whumphing and no shooting cracks were observed. But I saw increasing snow transport while I was out. Light upslope N winds around noon changed to moderate down slope W winds that transported quite a bit of snow. The skiing is less than optimal, varying from supportable windcust with big zastrugis to smooth wind board supporting the weight of a skiier and then to breakable but soft wind crust. Note the pictures showing the wind slab breaking/ cracking around the base of trees as the snow pack settled since the end of the storm.

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75% of the sky covered by clouds
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