Old Mans Bowl

Old Mans Bowl
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Monday, December 26, 2016 - 1:00pm
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37° 33' 58.986" N, 118° 51' 3.132" W
Snowpit Observations
More detailed information about the snowpack: 

-Thin snowcover at convict lake level: 3-5".  Bushy moraine looked too thin to struggle up.  

-Drove around up snow covered road from Mt Morrison Rd up to Tobacco Flat to ~7,750' (8" - 12" snow, 4x4 with moderate clearance), skinned up Old Man's Bowl to summit of Mini-Morrison (11,100').  Thin snow cover, skinning not a problem, cautious skiing down (tips up over the tops of bushes sticking out!)  

-8,400': 14" new snow ontop of ground/bushes (5-6" skin penetration).  Un-wind effected.

-Evidence of many small R1-D1 avalanches (some looked to begin as point releases/sloughs) on East facing slopes of Mini-Morrison that took place during Dec 23rd storm.

-Evidence of one larger avalanche (R2-D2) at ~10,600', NE facing slope of Mini-Morrison (see pic of debris in small trees).  Also Crown visible on Morrison proper (see attached photo).

-Snow depth and structure quite variable in Old Man's Bowl proper from 8" to nearly 1m, but mostly 70cm or less.  Deepest snow between about 9800' and 10,200' (high winds previous to Dec storms pretty much blew snow away to baregroud above this elevation, and warm storms were mostly rain below this elevation).  Thick crust mid pack in this elevation zone (knife hardness), with facets under it to ground.  ECT tests failed and propagated in these facets with moderate to hard force, but with variable qualities (Q2-Q3).      

-Pit Dug on SE aspect, (~10,300') see attached profile.  ECT tests propagated in basal facets under melt-freeze crust (Q2) (see above video).   

-Pit dug on E aspect, (~10,500') see attached profile.  ECT tests did not propagate in basal facets.  

-Overall, thin snowpack with basal facets thru most of Old Man's Bowl, and still a steep temperature gradient in lower snowpack promoting faceting.  Vegetation and rough ground is protruding through these facets in many areas ... a heavy snowload added ontop of this thin snowpack and weak facets could be concerning. 

-Up high near ridgetop and peak on leeward side, snow surface is a medly of stiff thin windslabs and soft snow patches.  Some of these non-continuous small windslab patches when tested with ECT tests did fail and propagate with easy to moderate force (1cm-20cm thickness, pencil hard ontop of fist snow).  (see attached photo fo slab)  Not too concerning with this slope, but if these existed in much steeper terrain, a small pocket releasing could be enough to knock a skier or rider off their feet and send them for a ride.   

-Quite good riding / skiing snow from top to bottom of Old Man's Bowl, but quite thin cover with some rock sharks waiting to bite (see attached photo of the bite that one of these sharks took :-( ).   

Snowpit videos (tests, etc): 
Weather Observations
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More detailed information about the weather: 

Not a cloud in the sky, mostly calm winds with occasional light breeze from the south at Ridgetop.  `1deg C at 11,100' at 2:15pm.  

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