Old Man's Bowl - Mini Morrison - snowpack

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - 2:00pm
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37° 34' 4.8036" N, 118° 51' 9.0792" W
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A little exploration of snow coverage above convict lake today. Drove to the end of the road near the base of mini-morrison up Tobacco Flat without a problem, hiked a mile to the base of Old Man's Bowl where coverage was adequate to skin and ski.  See attached pics of coverage (Morrison Col is a no-go btw).  Thanks whoever headed up there in previous days and put in the tennis shoe track thru the thin snow/cover/sage.   

Warm day, high thin cloud cover, mostly calm winds with a preiod of light SW winds.  

Old Man's Bowl had up to 1.5ft of snow in the deeper sections, but all fairly supportable, and amazingly didn't hit any rocks above 9200'.  Very wind-effected, wind board, breakable, and some nice patches of textured soft.  

No signs of instabilities of any kind today.  No signs of any wet point releases from today or prior days anywhere, even on easterly aspects near rocks ..... any slope with any southerly aspect at all was pretty much bare dirt or rock.  

Thin snowpack for sure, pit dug ~300ft below ridge line on NE aspect, see attached profile.  55cm total snow depth.  No concerning test results.  Lower half of snowpack was facets, but mostly frozen together and farily hard, until you get them to crumble apart.  

More hiking than skiing, but atleast somewhere besides mammoth lakes basin, VA Lakes, and behind June!


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