Punta Bardini - new snow

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018 - 4:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 36' 21.798" N, 118° 57' 54.3996" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Toured up to the summit of Punta Bardini (10,100'), and back down from propane tanks on Sherwin Creek Rd.  

~2" of new snow down low (8000') at 9am , increased to ~8" by late afternoon in areas protected from wind.  Up high at 9500' at 11am new snow overnight was ~9".  Sun came out with Blue skies for a brief period in the morning, and then socked back in and snowed quite hard for most of the afternoon, with periods of ~ 1.5" an hour.  ~6"+ new snow throughout day at all elevations.  Overall light SW winds in exposed areas and ridgetop with occasional moderate gust.

-Very right-side-up snowpack, less dense snow ontop of more dense.  Tests showed new snow well bonded to old snow, with no within-storm weakneses.  Very minor shooting cracks (1ft long) near ridgeline where wind deposited slightly more dense snow.  Overall, very unconsolidated snow throughout with minimal wind effects.  

-Dug one pit at 11am at 9300'. Total depth 150cm.  Minor Q2 failure with CT test in new snow, no failures with standard ECT test, except continued pounding on column and it did fail and propagate at 38 hits in upper part of deep facet layer 115cm down.  Modified extended column deep tap test failed and propagated with 21 taps in lower part of facet layer above a firmer melt-freeze/facet crust (135cm down).    

150-125cm: New snow, stellars, Fist hard.  125cm=very thin melt freeze crust.

125-40cm: Gradual transition from 4finger to pencil, Decomposing fragments to rounds.  

40-30cm: Well developed 2.5mm facets, Fist +

30-25cm: pencil - faceting melt/freeze crust

25-20cm: Facets Fist+

20-ground: pencil+ melt/freeze facets.  

-Thin snowpack on approach, navigating thru bushes.  Excellent skiing conditions on mtn proper.  


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