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Monday, March 5, 2018 - 10:45am
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37° 36' 28.1016" N, 118° 57' 46.9836" W
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Toured up Punta Bardini to near the summit to check on overall snowpack and stability, and coverage.

Skinning to the base was doable, over bushes.  Depth ranged from about 2 ft near the base of telebowls up to over 1.5 meters towards the top near 10,000'.  

No signs of whoophing today, or shooting cracks.  Several pits dug.  

1) NW facing slope at 10,000' (see attached profile).  Extended column tests did not fail with conventional number of taps, but on 32, and another test on 35 taps, column failed and propagated in upper layer of surface facets in old snow down about 1 meter.  See attached video. 

2) ESE facing slope ~9800'.  Total snow depth=92c, new snow=83cm.  0-30cm=Fist to Fist+; 30-83cm=1finger; 83-Ground=small facets.  Most concerning CT test: CT17Q1 down 72cm.  Other tests: CT11Q3-9cm down; CT14Q3-25cm down.  Top 2 cm was moist at 11am.  

3) N facing slope ~9000' above telebowls.  Total snow depth=103cm, new snow=73cm.  ECTX.  CT22Q2 just under new snow on old surface facets 74cm down.  0-28cm=Fist minus; 28-48cm=4finger; 48-73cm=1finger; 73-88cm=4finger facets; 88-103(Ground)=Knife.

Saw old shooting cracks that were partially filled in by wind likely tiggered by skinners on Saturday that went ~100' across WNW facing 33 deg slope at ~9100'.  See attached photos.

Despite slightly warming temperatures, northerly facing slopes stayed cold all the way down to the bottom of Telebowls at 8000' at 11:30am.  Clear skies overnight and today played a big part in keeping surface snow good.    

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