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Red Cone
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 2:00pm
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Recent loading by new snow, wind, or rain
37° 35' 43.7928" N, 119° 1' 35.1732" W
Snowpit Observations
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Toured up to Redcone mid--afternoon.  Trace of new snow at parking (8600'), wet, snowing, but very wet and above freezing  (~12:30pm).  

~6" new snow ~9,000'; ~10-12" new ~9,500'.  

Quick pit ~9500' on north facing sheltered slope: very moist surface, and wet facets down ~2ft deep under melted melt freeze crust.

Quick pit on west slope of Redcone bowl just relow ridge top at ~10,300':  30cm (1ft) new snow ontop of mixture of irregular melt/freeze crusts and facets, some facets very loose.  Total snow depth here: 70cm.  Winds have been predominantly out of SW, all-be-it not very strong, but have stripped some snow from this slope.  Some minor upper level fractures during tests, but nothing propagating.             

Pit on N. face of Redcone bowl just below ridgetop at ~10,375': See attached profile.  90-100cm total snow depth, ~50cm new snow (wind deposit area).  Several consistent fractures during tests in storm snow, and at new/old snow interface just above thin melt-freeze crust, but again no fractures propagating during extended column tests.  The old snow was fairly consistent 1F+ hardness in this spot to the ground, had feel of small facets, but fairly dense.  

Some light SW gusts throughout day, seeming to calm down toward late afternoon.  Light snowfall on and off all afternoon.  

Ski cuts across top of north facing slope, along with some medium size cornice drops, produced no results.  Skiing was suprisingly good above 9,500', even in exposed areas.  Below this was a bit more sluggish and dense compacted.  

*Redcone bowl has been fairly heavily skiied in the previous weeks.  Would be cautious of higher elevation steep slopes that haven't received rider traffic.  

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