Red Cone Bowl - W Face

Red Cone
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Thursday, January 4, 2018 - 1:15pm
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37° 35' 43.1196" N, 119° 1' 35.094" W
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Toured up to Redcone Bowl from Tamarack.  Rain today up to 9,500' elevation.  Above that up to 1" of accumulation in places.  Was in search of fresh wind deposits at upper elevations (up to 10,300' anyhow).  Found none.  Expected to find atleast a tiny one below the ridge on the North face of Redcone bowl, but not even there.  Just not enough actual snow with the right winds.  Expected South winds at the summit ridge, but moderate gusts were out of the West.  Temps were above freezing even at 10,300' at 1pm (just barely ... 0.5 degrees C).  At 8,600' (tamarack parking), temps were 2 deg C at 1:45pm.  No signs of instabilty found.  Moist sticky snow below 10,000'.  At 9,500' top 10cm of snowpack were moist on N facing slope, with crust facet combo below that.  Pit dug ~10,100' on east face of Redcone facing Crystal Lake, see attached.  CT tests failed with hard force and rough quality RP in thick facet layer 15cm down (ECT tests did not propogate and failed very roughly/non-planar as well).  


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