Red Cone - Wind transport, small sensitive windslabs just below ridge top

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Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 2:00pm
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37° 35' 43.548" N, 119° 1' 35.9436" W
Snowpit Observations
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-Toured up from the end of Old Mammoth Rd to Top of Redcone Bowl, down N face, back up, down E face to Crystal Lake, Down to Lake George and out.

-Cold and windy day, with periods of sunshine with a few clouds, to totally cloudy and flurrying.  Lots of visible wind transport accross the face of the sherwins from the west in the morning.  See attached video.  Some visible wind transport over Mammoth crest form SW winds as well. 

-Saw very recent crown and debris pile next to Jaws, probably occured within the last 2 hours naturally from on-going wind-loading.  R2-D1.5.  See seperate Avalanche Observation.  We could see snow flowing down into this slope from the wind.  

-Surface snow on exposed E faces between 9,000-10,000' were slightly moist by 10am (top 2 cms), and by 1 pm they were re-freezing.  

-W face of Redcone Bowl just below ridgeline had moderate SW winds transporting snow across slope, leaving scalloped texture on surface.  Dug test pit, ECTP22 @42cm down.  Fist to 4F hard wind deposited snow failed and popagated ontop of 1-2cm thick melt freeze crust.  Clean planar, but did not pop off and slide somewhat resistantly.  

-Dug another pit just below ridge on N. Face, see attached profile.  Minor non-propagating failures with ECT test in upper half of snowpac, otherwise X. CT27Q2 mid-pack, see attached profile, and CT27 at the ground, Q3, in small basal facets.  

-Triggered several small R1-D1 wind deposit just on leeward side of ridgeline by weighting slope and ski cutting.  Pockets ~50ft wide, up to 14" deep, reaching 10ft-15ft downslope.  Below these somewhat obvious wind pillows was un-wind-effected soft snow, much more representative of the attached pit profile.  

-At 12:45 at 10,300' air temp was -7.5deg C, winds were beginning to die down, 100% cloud cover with light flurries.  

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