Red Mountain

Red Mountain - East face
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 - 12:15pm
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Obvious avalanche path
Red Mountain - East Face 37° 31' 12.3636" N, 118° 44' 1.7484" W
Snowpit Observations
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Skiied from Rock Creek Road (Iris Meadow) to ridge near summit of Red Mountain.  No cracking or whumping noted during tour.

1025-Air temp 6C at parking lot (8400 ft).  Calm wind.  Clear skies.  East and SE facing slopes beginning to melt. As we toured up gully, snow varied greatly depending on solar aspect.  North and NE slopes with 10-15cm light snow.  South and SE soft and melting.

1145- 10,100 ft on steep north facing rollover. Dug a couple hand pits here.  20-25cm new snow sitting on pencil firm crust (~2cm thick).  Pits failed with strong force on facets ~10cm below crust layer. Repeated probing found this density change at 30-40cm below the surface. Ski penetration 25cm. 

1215- Similar results as above on hand pits tested at 10,800ft, NE facing slope.

1230- Stopped at ridgetop, 11,200 ft. Air temp 4C. Moderate wind from south. No transport noted here or over peaks in Rock Creek drainage.

Decent skiing on N and NE aspects, though in several places skis bottoming out on old avi debris.



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