Rock Creek

NE facing slopes between Mt Mills & Abbott
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Sunday, May 21, 2017 - 9:15pm
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Rapid warming
Petite Griffon 37° 23' 27.6432" N, 118° 47' 7.5264" W
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Headed to Rock Creek to attempt to climb Petite Griffon

7:15 Current parking (1.3 miles below summer trailhead). Light freeze last night, ski penetration= 0cm. Beginning to melt on S facing aspects.
9:15 11,300 feet, N facing slopes above Ruby Lake, ski penetration=0cm. No melting occurring.
11:15 12,600 ft. NE facing slope. Recent (6 day) snow 20-30 cm deep in places.  Top 20-30 cm wet and mushy. Wet slab noted from yesterday on new snow, old melt freeze interface, running 300 feet starting below rocks and fanning out to a maximum of 35 feet wide, possibly skier triggered. See photo.

11:20 Natural rollerballs occurring at this time, starting small (1'x8') wet slides.

Decided to turn around at this point. Skiiing wet and heavy on NE facing slope from 12,600 to 12,000 ft. Variable conditions below, depending on aspects.

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