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Sherwin Ridge
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Friday, February 12, 2021 - 11:15pm
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37° 36' 38.1744" N, 118° 59' 34.1052" W
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Toured to the top of Sherwin Ridge today. An astoundingly bright and beautiful day in the mountains after a storm that finally delivered more than was forecast. Average HST was 40cm with sheltered locations receiving more than 50cm. Winds were light out of the north with small banners visible in the morning but no wind transport was observed as the winds tapered throughout the morning.

With the storm snow coming in with warmer temperatures it seemed fairly well bonded in sheltered locations, and saw only minor surface cracking and failures in kickturn and handshear tests down 15cm. Ski pen in these areas was 30cm. Higher up below the ridge there was more wind effect, ski pen went down to 5cm and was easy to ID the windslab here, from 10cm to 30cm thick. Stomping on steep ridges produced cracking and the release of a few small slabs (D1).

Did not observe any storm slab of concern, and though the surface was light and dry did not see any loose dry activity either natural or skier triggered even over steeper rollovers lower in the terrain. 

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