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Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 6:00pm
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37° 36' 29.2104" N, 118° 59' 24.9324" W
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Skinned up behind Mammoth Rock from the end of Old Mammoth Rd, along the Sherwin Ridge, skied down the Hose, went back up to Mammoth Rock and skied E facing slope below the Rock.

Few signs of instability today. Snow on N aspects was wintry and dry. Top of the snowpack consisted of 2-10cm thick wind slabs over decomposing and fragmented precip particles in exposed areas on N and NE aspects. Localized cracking in the wind deposits, but test slopes on the way up had no results. Hand shears pulled with easy force on the thin wind skin and hard force in the fragments above the melt-freeze crust from last week's high pressure.

0855 on NNE aspect at 9500'- CTE SC down 8cm under the 1F hard wind crust on F hard decomposing fragments x2. PST run through the same layer 28/100 SF. Results pointed to low propensity for fracture propagation.

0920 on top of the Sherwin Ridge- Looking at the Mammoth Crest saw evidence of one recent natural D2 on the looker's right of TJ Bowl (see photo). No other recent slides visible. Continuous moderate NE wind stripping snow from the cornices above the Hose. Cold. Stomped on several of the cornices and knocked medium sized chunks down onto the steep slope below. These cornice drops resulted in shallow sloughs that ran for approximately 50'. Snow in the trees of the Hose was less wind affected, minor sloughing from the corners of our turns. Snow below 9000' was crustier -- melt-freeze.

1000 at the bottom of the Bluffs, SE aspect- Snow softening and moist. Foot pen = 2cm. Skiing below Mammoth Rock on E aspect was softening to corn by 1045. Evidence of past point releases under Mammoth Rock but no more than very small roller balls from our skis by 1100.

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Recent D2 in TJ Bowl, Seen from the Sherwins
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