Sherwins-Old Growth

Old Growth trees
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Friday, February 24, 2017 - 2:30pm
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Recent avalanche activity
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Old Growth Trees 37° 36' 40.068" N, 118° 57' 37.3284" W
Snowpit Observations
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Left Bishop at 10:30 to drive to Mammoth. Snow banners over all major peaks from Bishop to Mammoth Lakes.

12:30- Began tour at propane tanks on Sherwin Creek Rd. Avalanche debris noted below top of the Perch (see photo).  Appears to have occurred within the last day or two. The cornice at the top of the Perch suggests strong wind loading.  From what I could see, slide ran approximately 300 feet and was 150 feet wide.

1:10- Dug handpit on north and northwest facing slope at 8500ft. 20 cm fist hard snow on top of 30 cm four finger layer. Hand pit failed with strong force.

1:20- Tested windloaded north facing slope at 8800ft. Moderately easy failure in hand hit at 80 cm depth. Snow in this pit consisted of 15 cm fist hard snow on top of four finger plus layer.  Failure occurred at density change below four finger plus layer.

1:45- Sheltered area above Tele bowl. Dug 1 m deep hand pit on north facing slope, 35 degree rollover. Test inconclusive (no failure with strong force). Pit showed 15 cm fist on top of four finger layer.

2:10- Hand pit on east facing slope at 9400 ft near top of Old Growth.  20 cm thick slab failed with light force.  30 cm below that failure occurred with moderately strong force.

2:30- Top of Punta Bardini. Moderate wind from W and NW with light snow transport. Air temp= -8C.  Just below summit, 10cm wind slab forming over low angle ridge top, with minimal cracking under foot.  Snow devils and stronger snow transport noted on ridgeline above Solitude Canyon.

No cracking or whumping noted during entire tour.

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