Snow conditions on Mt Wood

East face MT Wood
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Wednesday, March 31, 2021 - 7:30pm
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37° 48' 31.4316" N, 119° 9' 44.2116" W
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It was another absolutely beautiful today on the eastside. Light winds and very warm temperatures.

1130 @ 12,600' light NE winds, clear skies 37°F

1230 @9200' calm winds, clear skies, 44°F

I toured up and skied down the east face off the top of Mt Wood today searching for soft corn skiing and to see if there were any loose wet instabilities. long story short I did not observe any signs of instability today. I did make a note that the upper elevations (10,000’ and above) are still in a more transitional state with deeper ski/boot penetration while lower elevations have really transitioned well into a supportable “spring “snowpack. I topped out t around 1130 this morning and I don't think I would want to be much later. leaving the summit, I noted that more due east aspects were still holding cold snow in the form of wind board and sastrugi while more southerly tilted terrain was warming nicely. Ski pen was 5-10 cm on these more solar aspects, but I was not able to initiate any rollerballs or any loose sloughs on steeper slopes. Below the choke where the slope opens up onto the lower angle apron surface conditions were slightly wind textured but had softened up nicely and I enjoyed pleasant corn snow all the way back to where the snow ran out.

Coverage is getting pretty thin down low with really only a couple of options for sliding down to the road near grant lake. I walked on dirt for maybe 100 yards or so before I was able to transition to snow this morning and returned via the same panel of snow In the afternoon.

I would also note that overall the coverage is pretty thin. The more solar aspects near the summit were not holding much snow (~25-40 cm) and plenty of rocks are poking through. Carful line choice is important and will only become more so as this warm weather continues.

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