Solar Surface Conditions - Warming Mt Morrison

Mt. Morrison - East Face
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Thursday, March 9, 2017 - 11:00am
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37° 33' 36.882" N, 118° 51' 29.088" W
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-Started form convict lake at 6:30am, up firm moraine, around mini-Morrison, up and down east face of Mt. Morrison proper (Skiing down from summit - 12,200' by a tad before 11am).  

Easterly facing slopes (ENE to SE) above 10,000' very transitional and variable from firm melt-freeze to softening and wet surface to a few cm of wet ontop of firm frozen to mid-boot penetration.  These slopes did not become unsupportable this morning.  Some challenging skinning conditions, at times requiring switching to crampons and ice ax.  Some natural loose wet point releases at ~12:30 on steep east facing slope originating above 11,000' from near rock bands (see attached photo), that could have knocked a skier off balance.  Rollerballs resulting from ski turns at 11am, 11,500'-12,000', east facing (see attached video).   

-8:30am, 10,000', ESE facing 30deg slope: Very slight beginning of surface softening.

-8:30am, 10,000', E facing 30deg slope: No snow surface moistening/softening yet.

-9:00am, 10,800', just S of East facing 40deg slope.  Top 3-4cm moist ontop of frozen melt freeze crust 1-2cm thick, ontop of dry snow.  

-9:20am, 11,000', just N of East facing 37 deg slope.  1-2cm moist wet snow ontop of very firm melt-freeze crust - switched to crampons.

-9:30am, 11,150, NE facing 40deg slope: Surface 1cm moist ontop of 1 foot deep dry layer of fist+ to 4finger, ontop of very firm knife wind board layer. 

-9:40, 11,500', ENE facing 40deg slope: Top 20cm moist melt-freeze layer, below that cold dry snow.  Knee deep foot pen. 

-10:45am, 12,200': Light southerly breeze at ridgetop. Sunny with high thin clouds

-11:20am, 10,200' : air temp = 7deg C / 45deg F

Ski conditions variable and transitional from nice creamy to a bit sluggish and thick. No corn yet on these slopes.   


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Overall warm sunny day with no wind!  Some high thin clouds developing late morning, and light south breeze only felt at ridgetop (12,200').  

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